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def setup::MyInstallLib::run (   self  ) 

overridden from install_lib class

Definition at line 140 of file setup.py.

00140                  :
        """overridden from install_lib class"""
        # create Products.__init__.py if needed
        if subpackage_of:
            product_init = join(self.install_dir, subpackage_of, '__init__.py')
            if not exists(product_init):
                self.announce('creating %s' % product_init)
                stream = open(product_init, 'w')
        # manually install included directories if any
        if include_dirs:
            if subpackage_of:
                base = join(subpackage_of, modname)
                base = modname
            for directory in include_dirs:
                dest = join(self.install_dir, base, directory)
                export(directory, dest)

class QtBuild(build):

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