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def hgviewlib::qt4::hgrepoviewer::HgRepoViewer::on_about (   self,

Display about dialog 

Definition at line 396 of file hgrepoviewer.py.

00396                              :
        """ Display about dialog """
        from hgviewlib.__pkginfo__ import modname, version, short_desc, long_desc
            from mercurial.version import get_version
            hgversion = get_version()
            from mercurial.__version__ import version as hgversion

        msg = "<h2>About %(appname)s %(version)s</h2> (using hg %(hgversion)s)" % \
              {"appname": modname, "version": version, "hgversion": hgversion}
        msg += "<p><i>%s</i></p>" % short_desc.capitalize()
        msg += "<p>%s</p>" % long_desc
        QtGui.QMessageBox.about(self, "About %s" % modname, msg)

    def on_help(self, *args):

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