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def hgviewlib::qt4::hgrepoviewer::HgRepoViewer::_getrepomtime (   self  )  [private]

Return the last modification time for the repo

Definition at line 366 of file hgrepoviewer.py.

00366                            :
        """Return the last modification time for the repo"""
        watchedfiles = [(self.repo.root, ".hg", "store", "00changelog.i"),
                        (self.repo.root, ".hg", "dirstate")]
        watchedfiles = [os.path.join(*wf) for wf in watchedfiles]
        mtime = [os.path.getmtime(wf) for wf in watchedfiles \
                 if os.path.isfile(wf)]
        if mtime:
            return max(mtime)
        # humm, directory has probably been deleted, exiting...

    def reload(self):

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