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hgviewlib::qt4::blockmatcher::BlockMatch Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A simpe widget to be linked to 2 file views (text areas),
displaying 2 versions of a same file (diff).

It will show graphically matching diff blocks between the 2 text

Definition at line 111 of file blockmatcher.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addBlock
def addBlock
def clear
def linkScrollBar
def linkScrollBar
def nDiffs
def nextDiff
def paintEvent
def prevDiff
def resizeEvent
def setMaximum
def setMaximum
def setMinimum
def setMinimum
def setPageStep
def setPageStep
def setRange
def setRange
def setValue
def setValue
def showDiff
def syncPageStep

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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